Small Works

has open studio 3 days a week and a range of classes for bookbinding, letterpress, and risograph. We also host custom classes for groups of designers and artists when asked. For information about what is the best for you, feel free to send an email along. If you're looking for templates, notes, videos, and other links check out the



Chandler & Price 8x12 with green ink


Classes are available for Bookbinding, Letterpress, and Risograph. The classes range from beginner to intermediate in difficulty, with more complicated classes offered on demand. If you have a specific request, you can inquire about a custom class.

Introduction to Bookbinding


In this class, participants will be introduced to three quick sewing projects—three hole (pamphlet stitch), stab binding, and french link. The goal of the class is to familiarize participants with tools used for sewing, and to start to develop skills needed for larger projects. Book a class here.

Bookbinding 1: Case Bound Journal


Open to all skill levels, class is a good introduction to making a cased in book object. With material provided, and partially pre-prepared, attendees will learn to sew a book block (french link), tip in end pages, prepare the spine for casing in, construct the case, and case-in a 144 page journal. You can additionally bring your own bookcloth, which can be bought locally at Hollanders. Book a class here.

Introduction to Risograph


This class walks through the basic operations of the Risograph duplicator, and how it can be used to produce printed matter. It focuses on getting all attendees to have hands on printing experience, and to familiarize themselves with the press and bindery tools. I'll also talk about color separation, files setup, and what resources are out there for learning more. Book a class here.

Risograph 1: Chapbooks & Zines


In Risograph 1, attendees will learn about production on the Risograph, including making a schedule, researching materials, budgeting, file setup, and printing. Attendees will make mock projects together to demonstrate research and budgeting in the first half, and will work together to complete a pre-prepared project. Book a class here.

Introduction to Letterpress


An introduction to the letterpress equipment, which includes a platen and cylinder press. Attendees will be acquainted with the presses and the bindery. We will go through the basics of setting type, proofing the type, making adjustments, and printing. Book a class here.

Letterpress 1: Business Cards


In letterpress 1, attendees will learn more about the setup of the machines, materials used for the makeready process, sketching and measuring for projects, composition technique, and evaluating print quality. This is a good class for people who are about to buy a press, or for people wanting to design for letterpress. Book a class here.

Open Studio

Use the space for up to 2 hours at a time to work on personal projects using the Risograph, Letterpress, or Bindery equipment. Best for projects that can be completed in a day or weekend. For Risograph and Letterpress Open Studio a deposit is required.

*Access to Open Studio is granted on a case by case basis. If you'd like to use open studio, reach out before booking time.



Open to anyone who has taken bookbinding classes at Small Works. Use the space to work on bookbinding, and to ask general bookbinding questions.

While you don't have to stay for the duration of the Open Studio, I ask that you show up towards noon, rather than later. Book bookbinding open studio time here.



Come to the space ready to print with finished print-ready files and the materials needed. For complicated projects, make a plan or list that details the printing process. You can find the current color chart here. If there are special accommodations needed, reach out ahead of time to let us know. Book risograph open studio time here.



Be sure to have a good idea of what you’ll be printing and your materials. If you are setting type by hand, make sure that you have good sketches of your layout. If using a plate or photopolymer, make sure the plate is in hand before booking open studio. If there are special accommodations needed, reach out ahead of time to let us know. Book letterpress open studio time here.

Custom Classes

For groups of people who want specific instruction on the machines, want to know how to best approach printing for design or for art, or just want a specific aspect of the practice explained in greater detail, classes can be provided. You can find a form here, fill it out with what you're looking to make, and include examples if you have any.

Cost Per Person


Visits and Inquiries

Schedule a visit if it's your first time to the shop, to talk about projects, to walk us through what printed matter you'd like to see produced, and if a consultation is right for you. Visiting hours are Tuesdays, from 10am–3pm, and you can book time here.

If you aren't able to make an available time, or are out of town, reach out to the shop at [email protected]